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Abie Elle, is a vibrant songstress with a natural flair for penning words into poetry and putting on a show. She began singing within the confines of her bedroom and later, she pushed past barriers to let her music be heard. Her songs feature soulful melodies with a rap baseline. Abie Elle’s sound is just as unique as her style. She has been known to blow people away with her wing-like capes and blue hair.


The Londoner has been making waves since the release of her EP entitled- ‘Released’ in 2017. Abie Elle has graced stages throughout London and internationally. She has headlined shows at Camden Assembly and the Lighthouse in Shoreditch (UK). Abie Elle held a concert in support of MacMillan Cancer Support; she raised funds to support those who have been diagnosed with cancer- a cause dear to her heart. Across the globe, the Gambian descendant sang to thousands in her native country in Africa. She sang the country’s national anthem to officially open the annual Festival at the Independence Stadium. The stadium has held host to concerts for well-known reggae and afrobeats artists. Abie Elle is no stranger to this stage; she sang there in 2017, when she took to the stage to perform her popular single ‘Unruly’. 

Abie Elle grew up in East London, England (UK) with Gambian roots, known to family and friends as just Abie, she would regularly breathe music into her life. Whether it was singing to Destiny’s Child at the top of her lungs, dancing in the living room with her family, or mc’ing with the boys in the school playground; Abie was always prime. She went on to spend some of her early twenties singing in London’s BIG Choir, eventually performing with them at BBC One’s- Song’s of Praise: Gospel Choir of the year. In 2017, Abie took a different turn and decided to begin her journey as a solo artist. 

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